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This page serves as a place to gather personal thoughts, ideas about Blockchain-related topics. Thoughts are my own.
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Using obsidian with git submodules to deal with your static jekyll page

04 Oct 2023

I have recently started playing around with obsidian for my personal knowledge-base and love it. Not only does it

  • support markdown for note taking
  • it also allows to build PDFs using pandoc
  • let’s you create charts using mermaid
  • is highly customizable with plugins and CSS Among other things.

Obsidian git

One nice feature is that you can use git as a means to backup your data into your remote origin. The plugin also supports submodules, so I thought, let’s see if I can bring my jekyll pages in and manage my articles via Obsidian.

To do so, you need to

  1. install Obsidian-git
  2. enable submodules in obsidian-git
  3. have your vault in a git repo
  4. git submodule add github:username/jekyll-page External/jekyll-page
  5. modify your articles
  6. commit your changes and push
  7. 🎉